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She Can't Feel
I already went through the troubleshooting process of making felt eyeballs, so here’s how I did it.

I found this pattern online and zoomed out on the document until it was around an inch in diameter. I then traced the pattern onto a sheet of paper. I just held the paper on my computer screen. I’m not trying to waste computer ink on this.

I cut out the shape and used it as you would use any sewing pattern. I traced it onto white felt. I made six (nearly) identical cutouts.  Use the pattern sheet to trace from, don’t use the felt on felt. I noticed that my shape varied more when I didn’t use the original pattern every time I cut one out. It’s the lil details.

Next, join the edges of each piece. There are several stitches you can use. Do what is most comfortable for you. I used a baseball stitch. Here’s a video. This stitch looks cute and it’s easy. I didn’t turn my pattern inside out, I didn’t mind the stitch showing.
Before sewing it up completely I stuffed it with poly-fil.

Pick a color, any color for the iris and pupil. Think about how dilated you want the pupils to be to determine size. I attached the pupil to the iris and then attached the iris using a basic straight stitch going through the iris to the white of eyeball and back. Easier said than done. But the only part that matters is what people can see.

Now it’s time to create the optic nerve. I cut out a white felt circle large enough to cover the back of the eyeball where my seams joined together. Then I attached beaded thread, yarn, and a lucet cord by pulling the thread/yard through the white felt and knotting it on the back.

When I was done, I used fabric glue to bind all of my knots and wind them into a big lump. It’s easier to tuck into the eye when dry. Then I used the same stitch I used for the iris for to attach the circular white felt to the back.

And that’s it. That’s how I made some eyeballs. 

She Can't Feel
Pictured above // My first attempt.

He's a little wild looking, so I accepted the fact that I would have to make more. On this one, I used a different stitch and turned it inside out. But that was overcomplicating something simple. With the size and this material, I didn't really have the seam allowance to flip it inside out.

She Can't Feel
Pictured above // Eyes in place.

I'm super satisfied with how these eyes came out.
You can see them in action here.


  1. I have to say these look a bit creepy, but still, very fun idea.


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