Recent Work // November + December

Recent Work // Nov-Dec 2017

November //

COVER STORY: Plough Gallery: Growing an arts community
Manage two cover stories in a row for Tifton Scene. This time on the history and birth of my workplace, my daily grind, etc. It gives insider hints on what it takes to run an art gallery in a small southern town while working a full time job. Also it reveals the secret origin story of the name Plough Gallery. Read the article and meet the owners, the curators, my bosses and mentors.

Dwight Yoakam performs in Tifton
I got to see that guy from Sling Blade perform live. I went with my mom and we sat next Yoakam's #1 fan. If you've ever wanted to see a crowd aged 60 to 20 TURN UP go to a country music concert. Even this small one was high energy and fun. And there were lots of sequins.

Harmony Jubilee brings hot air balloons to Fitzgerald
Finally got to see the Harmony Jubilee hot air balloons, and was even offered a free ride, but windy weather kept everyone grounded. I did get to meet a pair of balloonists who told me what it's like to fly at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta where over 500 balloons take flight every year.

December //
Plough Gallery hosts live artist demonstrations + Artists demonstrate fine craft at Plough Gallery
We stay busy here at Plough Gallery. I get to meet artists from across our state, region and world. Seeing their work and processes is like drinking from the Fountain of Youth. I feel reinvigorated with every interaction. Humble, real people making work they love simply because they love it.

PHOTOS: One Starry Night
Walked through a huge production telling the story of Christ's birth. It was an impressive experience. The market place was my favorite part but also the most difficult to photograph. You'll just have to check it out next year to see what I'm talking about.

Dylan Ross Finds Success and Inspiration in Rural Douglas GA for BURNAWAY
Excited about my second article for BURNAWAY. I visited Dylan Ross' studio in downtown Douglas to learn about his personal art history and what it means to be a full time artist in a rural community. I really enjoyed talking to him. Here's one of my favorite quotes from the story:

“I think a painting, something someone made by hand, can be appreciated five hundred years from now while a TV is not gonna be worth a damn in two months.”

I am determined to prove that people with southern accents say clever, insightful things. One article at a time, right? Check out the rest of it.

Artwork //

These are hoop girls. 

Recent Work // Nov-Dec 2017
You Don't Know Me
Recent Work // Nov-Dec 2017
Rough Night
Recent Work // Nov-Dec 2017 Recent Work // Nov-Dec 2017 Recent Work // Nov-Dec 2017


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