Recent work // October

Recent work

Writing //

I love food. I especially love food that is well crafted and thoughtfully presented. Binge watching Chef’s Table makes me an expert on Michelin Star dining, right? Maybe not. But I do remember eating at The Local for the first time. I got the stuffed pork chop. I may have been a poor college student, but my friends and I found room in our budget for a cheese plate too. It was delicious. It was so delicious that I was genuinely shocked and confused. How was it possible that this meal was here in Tifton? I was able to sit down with the Chef David Scarbrough and get to know the other side of the plate – before it’s delivered. Our conversation was honest, heart-warming and mouthwatering.

Facebook has a major hand in how I find stories to cover. For instance, my former history professor was sharing events from a new group: the South Georgia Immigrant Support Network. I asked my editor if I could pursue a story on it—mostly informational. I sat down with my professor at a local bar and restaurant and heard horror stories. Worse because what was happening was not in some far out place, abstracted by distance, but happening next door to me. The more I learned about the Network, and the more people I met in it, the more I was moved. For every bit of desperation I felt hearing about families torn apart, there was a person working in the best way they knew how to put them back together.

Public art has a special place in my heart. It successfully sucks any pretentious air from art, it’s free and it proves one major point: art is everywhere and it is for everyone. This past summer my mom and I traveled to Helen, GA to vacation. We stumbled across the School Bus Graveyard. We also committed a misdemeanor. Worth it. Although, I don’t recommend it. 

Artwork //
I made a series of embroidery hoops using spooky motifs. I wanted to choose symbols that I associated with mystery but did not directly relate to Halloween. The fact is people are freaky all year around. I chose a crystal ball, planchette (aka the Ouija board thingy), and a Voodoo doll.

The crystal ball is a salute to every small town psychic. The south is riddled with them, but no one talks about it. I figure if you put a whole bunch of spiritual people in one place, there’s bound to be some effects.

I think bout near everyone has a Ouija board story and if they don’t, they know someone that does. My mom told me about trying to contact Sally Ride in the church basement with her friends. My brother and I would sit on the floor in his room and contact ~the dead -- every time the lights would flicker. (I’m convinced that the whole house was poorly wired.) The Ouija board is a cultural phenomenon that sparks fierce contention. The planchette is a little tribute to the weirdest form of “communication” that can be accomplished with plastic and cardboard.

My Voodoo Dolly was released from the confines of an embroidery hoop and magnetized. With removable pins, she’s an interactive refrigerator magnet. The Voodoo doll is another motif easily recognized, but not necessarily understood. I think she’s cute and odd, easily making any metal surface a little more whimsical.

All of this work is for sale at Plough Gallery
Except for the planchette, someone already snatched it up! (yay!)

Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Recent work Find everything I wrote and photographed so far this year, here.


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your work. Your articles, your art, everything. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. I love your art! Everything here looks amazing, you are so talented! Thanks for sharing the pics =)


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