DIY // Glow ghost glow

glowy ghosty DIY

DIY Paper mache paste or liquid starch
Water bottle
Parchment paper

Adhesive felt
Battery powered fairy lights

HOW TO // 
Blow up a balloon and secure it to a water bottle or a stack of cans until it is the desired height. This will be the supporting structure of your ghost. The balloon will provide the shape of the head. I taped my balloon to a water bottle and then set the bottle on an upside down bowl to reach the height I wanted (about a foot and a half). Pro tip: I lined my countertop with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

Now that you have your structure, you need either liquid starch or paper mache paste. I didn’t have any liquid starch (spray starch won’t get the job done), so I made my own paper mache adhesive. *Skip this next part if you plan to use liquid starch.*

To make the paper mache paste, boil a cup of water. In a separate bowl combine a cup of flour with two cups of cold water. Mix. Once the water on the stove is at a rolling boil add in the flour/water mixture and stir. The usual recommendation is 1 part flour to 5 parts water. I just add water until it is smooth. Who has time to measure?? You may want to add sugar and/or essential oils. It smells a little funky and the sugar helps cut the smell. Once the mixture on the stove is boiling again, it can be removed to cool. This mixture can keep in the refrigerator for a few days to use.

I dunked my cheesecloth in the paper mache paste (or liquid starch for some of  y’all) and soaked it completely. Ring out the cheesecloth to remove lumps. (I’m not very good at lump removal, but it made my ghost look slimy which seemed fitting.) Stretch out the cheesecloth and drape it over your structure carefully.

You have plenty of time to rearrange, it will dry overnight. I used one large pack of cheesecloth and then cut off a little extra to drape over the head. You have to ensure there is a “pool” of cheesecloth around the bottom that way when it dries, it will be able to support itself. Once you're satisfied with the shape, let it dry.

glowy ghosty DIY

Now you have a ghost! A spooky blank canvas!
I spray painted my ghost silver first. Then I mixed glitter and Elmer’s glue and applied it liberally around folds and creases for a little sparkle. For the eyes and mouth, I cut the shapes out of black felt that had an adhesive backing. Just peel and stick and your ghost has a face! To add extra pizzazz I secured battery powered fairy lights to the underside of the ghost so he can have a ghoulish glow. (Who am I kidding? He looks adorable.)

glowy ghosty DIY
More ideas to make a ghostest with the mostest:
Use a wire coat hanger to give the illusion the ghost is lifting his arms.
Use glow in the dark paint
This Martha Stewart tutorial used foam beauty heads to make a more detailed face. (Martha always going next level.)
Use different colored felt and different shapes for more expressions
Cover your entire ghost in glitter. Maybe mix the glitter into the paper mache paste or starch!
Put a pair of shoes under him to give your ghost some feet
Make your ghost a flower crown 

Ghost in natural lighting:
glowy ghosty DIY

How would you decorate your ghost?


  1. This is so cool! Oh my goodness, I want to create one of these right now haha!

    1. Haha! Please do! Share pics :)
      I'd love to see all the ways people can customize the ghost.

  2. That's so good! You did a great work! I am not a fun of Halloween but this is perfect for home decoration!

  3. Its very cool to make things yourself. I am glad you are able to decorate things as you would like :)

  4. Oh my, these look amazing - almost like they're real :D


  5. I am not really a ghost fan, but this looks so great xo

  6. Wow, that does look so professional! So cool that we can make this ourselves. Great with the darker days and it's great for halloween also!

  7. Wonderful idea! Great work lovely.


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