DIY: Using food color + flowers for photography


Food coloring
Fish bowl/vase with flat surface
White foam board
Optional: hanger/fishing line


I secured my flowers to a hanger using fishing line to stabilize them. Originally I held them in the water, but I shook the flowers so much that it was distracting. It was much easier and stable to use the hanger and fishing line to stabilize. I still had to hold the flowers down. Once the shot was focus, I hit record and started dropping in food coloring.

In post processing, I used a few filters to make the colors rich and vibrant. Then I adjusted the speed and I flipped and mirrored some of the clips. The clips in this video are sped up about 400% so a lot of this process is being patient. You can shoot this with your phone and it would come out just as cool.

Instagram version:
Facebook version:

And that's how it's done.
I hope this inspires you to make something cool!


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