Recipe: Ice Water Twist

ice cubes
Y'all. It's summer for real. For Southerners, it's finally a socially acceptable time to eat watermelon none stop. So I came up with one more way to integrate this summer staple into my daily life. I picked some of my other summer refreshing faves, mint and cucumber, to give my ice water a sweet kick.

We've been growing chocolate mint in the yard so I plucked a stem and put it and some diced cucumber in ice trays. I combined watermelon and cucumber in another tray. Freeze and enjoy in a tall cold glass of water.  Because the juice from watermelon has a sweet, distinctive flavor it makes the water smell stellar. And once you finish your water you have a cold snack to enjoy. A reward for saying no to a more sugary beverage. Go you.
ice cubes mint ice cubes ice cubes ice cubes


  1. Oh this is so smart! I never thought about using cucumber, but that is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. XO, Ellese



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