Recipe: Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Street Kitchen Recipe
Street Kitchen recipe packs come with all the spices you need to make interesting, flavorful food. All you need is the meat, veggies and sides. They usually have suggestions for sides, like Jasmine Rice which turns out to be quite a step above white rice.

Similar to Bunny’s ongoing series DOES THIS THING REALLY WORK I wanted to know if these Street Kitchen recipe packs really made good meals. I tried a curry chicken pack before but found it to be less than flavorful and lacking a variety of textures. It was mush, basically. Although I might be at fault for the flavor considering I apparently do not know how to flash fry peppers.

 For the jerk chicken it had a whole onslaught of steps of adding and frying and it just seemed too involved for 1.3 lbs of chicken. Instead on the bottom of the recipe was a tip: combine the spice mixes, slather chicken in sauce, and let it marinate through the night. Just broil it the next day!
Street Kitchen Recipe
Street Kitchen Recipe
After consulting several Google searches, I went with the broil method. Broiling is terrifying in my oven. It summons the heat from the core of the earth to burn our food to maximum char-like consistency. So here’s what I did:

While the broiler heated, I laid the chicken pieces out on a broiler pan so the edges of the meat did not touch. I used extra sauce to slather each chicken slab before I popped them in the oven. I left the oven door cracked while it cooked. No joke. I let it cook for five minutes like that. I took the chicken out, flipped it over, slathered that side in extra sauce and popped it back in the oven for another five minutes, this time leaving the oven door closed for most of the cook time. I took it out and - behold - it was done.
Street Kitchen Recipe
I was shocked. The chicken was juicy and flavorful with a light spice to it. For sides I had steamed broccoli and Jasmine rice. I don’t know about all of the recipe packs, but this thing really does work. 
Street Kitchen Recipe


  1. I LOLed at "Just add chicken" but yeah, Jamaican jerk seasoning is the bomb! I love Bunny's Does This Thing Really Work series too. :)


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