DIY Custom Wrapping Paper

DIY wrapping paper
I wanted to do some classic potato stamping. There was a fresh(ish) bag in the pantry, there were ink pads somewhere around here and I certainly had the time. Then I remembered a friend of mine dressed up like the Irish Potato Famine for Decade Day during Homecoming Week so I couldn’t bring myself to wasting any.

So here’s what I did use:
18 x 24 Newsprint
Sponge brushes
Stamps/Ink pad
Lunch bags

DIY wrapping paper DIY wrapping paper
The instructions for these are easy: paint it up. Create haphazard polka dot patterns, multicolored zig zags, sweet stripes or splatter paint. Don’t stress about perfection. It’s going to be ripped up and thrown away. Use this as therapy. Express yourself. Be chill. Use complementary colors

I used scraps to create tags. For my brown paper bags, I folded over the top edge, cut a rectangle of my wrapping paper and stapled it all together. Use ribbon and bows for some pizzazz.
DIY wrapping paper DIY wrapping paper DIY wrapping paper

More DIYs:
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DIY wrapping paper

This DIY is Maggie approved!


  1. Love this. Makes the gift all the meaningful.

  2. Your design looks beautiful! I'll probably try this for birthdays since Christmas is so long from now!


    1. Thank you! They were super easy to make too. I've used my left over paper for all kinds of special occasions. :) Works just as good!


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