Outfit # 65: Rainbows, Rainbows Everywhere

Outfit # 65
I went to an Open Mic Night and read the poem Hoarders: Tara by Kate Durbin. I wish I wrote this. It's so brilliant, fun and true. Poems can't be funny though. They have to be a serious kind of emotional exploration. But what if: BOTH. This poem is even based on a reality television show, which is in its own dark way art. (Recommended watch: Cinema Verite about the filming of the first reality show An American Family)

Every time there's an Open Mic I get excited to read a piece, but I am a nervous wreck every time, y'all. I get up there and shake and stumble through the piece I've chosen. It's so annoying. Just look at this pic of me reading, hunched over my phone reading this thing. If I had a shell on my back I would have folded up in it and read loud enough for everyone outside to hear. And still probably my voice would shake and tremble. But I do it anyway because if there was ever a place where you shouldn't be embarrassed, it's at a small college's Open Mic Night hosted by the school's lit mag with an audience filled with your professors, friends and future friends. 

And to fit the theme, look for the rainbows y'all. There's a rainbow in poetry and doing things you're bad at (like public speaking). There's a rainbow in a poem based on a reality show about keeping too many things. There's a rainbow in reality TV, which can inspire people to live differently, and expose truths about how we live, what we consume and why.  

Outfit # 65
Outfit # 65
Outfit # 65Outfit # 65 Outfit # 65 Outfit # 65


  1. That skirt is just gorgeous.. I am loving this whole look! x



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