DIY: Dried Flower Ornaments

I have dried flowers stuffed between old book pages, on display in vintage milk glasses, and hidden in containers. I'm always looking for new ways to display and create with them. I have still life displays in all corners of my little space, and here's the newest rendition: dried flower ornaments.
Dried Flower Ornament DisplayDried Flower Ornament Display
To do this I collected smaller flowers and bendable greenery to press. I pressed them in an old copy of Jane Eyre until they were dry. 

Then I removed the small metal cap from the glass ornaments and attempted to gently stuff flowers inside. I did have some breakage, but nothing too disturbing. To get the leaves inside, I folded them along the stem, where it was most pliable. 

For the flowers, I put the base of the flower in first. The petals then fold inward. Once inside they spring back into place. If I didn't like how they were arranged inside the ornament, I shook them around, again, gently. 

I'm pretty pleased with this new display. And I can add more as I please. Now they're hanging around my room.
Dried Flower Ornament Display Dried Flower Ornament Display Dried Flower Ornament Display



  1. Each product is handmade from naturally dried flowers and wheat which I sow, collect, dry and arrange. As in the case of such craft, each arrangement is unique which means that your bouquet is literally one of a kind.


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