Outfit # 58: bounce

Outfit 58 Outfit inspired by the film Dope. It combines that urban 90s aesthetic with my undying love for color and my transparent backpack. Also listening to the film's soundtrack in these photos. The album was produced by Pharrel. It pays homage to hip hop greats like Naughty by Nature and Public Enemy while bringing the film to life with tracks by Awreeoh. The fictional bands songs are so weird and so fun, it's easy to embrace their... unique qualities. 
Outfit 58 Outfit 58 Gold chain? Check. Backwards hat? Check. Band tee? Check. Outfit 58 Outfit 58


  1. Awesome shirt! I don't see a photo credit so I have to assume that you took them? If so, amazing work!! BTW what earphones do you use??

    1. Yes! I took them. The ear phones in these photos are rock candy. Not the best but probably not the worst either. Plus I love the color combo.


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