Outfit # 57: I did it myself

I got M.I.A. on my chest, so I must be feeling confident. Her album Matangi is my go-to when I need to feel empowered and strong. The lyrics on my shirt are from her single Bad Girls and every time I watch that music video I come away feeling like I could wrestle a tiger and win. If empowerment is an aesthetic, I'm definitely vibing it. Since I'm also vibing the poor college student aesthetic I'm keen on DIY fashion. I used this DIY to make my shirt with very little variation. The major differences were that I used a different brush to apply, bigger letters (3 inches) and a wonky, diamond shape. Not including drying time, making this shirt took an hour at most. Lessons learned from this DIY: Rep yourself and always vibe that empowerment aesthetic. MIA MIA


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