DIY Heart Patterned Button Up

 What you need:

  • White cotton button up shirt
  • Elmer's Glue Gel
  • Two bottles of tie dye
  • Cardboard
  • Tub
  • Clips
  • Optional small trash bag

 Stretch shirt over a piece of cardboard and clip the edges to keep it from sliding around.
Carefully use glue to make heart shapes onto your shirt in any pattern. I made my hearts compacted at the top and farther spaced as they descended. I actually used a tooth pick to help shape my hearts. Once you've covered your shirt with the desired amount of hearts, let the glue dry completely.
 Mix tie dye according to instructions and pour it into you tub of choice. I used one black and one blue dye and added about three bottles of water to the mix. Saturate the shirt completely so the hearts will show up well.
Wrap up your shirt and contain it. I let my shirt soak in the plastic bag for about two hours. I usually let my tie dye projects soak over night for more vibrant colors, but I was too eager to wait. Once your shirt has soaked for as long as you can wait, rinse under water and ring out until the water runs clear. Then wash the shirt. All of the glue will come out leaving little white hearts behind. 
 My shirt ended up looking like a nice light wash denim! This was not what I originally envisioned, but I do love the outcome. This is one of the most comfortable and cute button-ups I own.
And now for some glamour shots:


  1. so clever! love that. x

    1. thank you! :) I think it might be one of my new favorite techniques.


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