Travel Edition: What's in my bag

        I love "What's in my bag" posts. What is essential enough to you that you literally carry it around everywhere you go? Usually my purse is a vortex of gum wrappers, receipts and loose change. Boring stuff. But while on vacation I had a different arsenal of necessities. I was also super impressed with how much this purse can hold. So these are the things I carried through Tennessee mountains, rural towns, and downtown Nashville.  Thanks to the bench around the statue of Sam Davis on Capital Hill for providing a place to prop up my things and for giving me a shaded cool place to watch lawyers streaming in and out of the courthouse, secretaries go on smoke breaks and tourists hiking the Tennessee hills.

  1. A book
  2. A journal
  3. Soft Pastels
  4. Box with blending sticks, charcoal, and an eraser
  5. My phone
  6. Pens and a pencil
  7. Vintage compact mirror
  8. Keys
  9. Deodorant 
  10. Trident
  11. Germ-X
  12. Hair tie
  13. Band Aids
  14. Lipstick


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