Sumner County Museum

    Museums are meant to connect us to the past. Small trinkets and large furniture are meant to show the everyday objects our family members once passed by and interacted with. But honestly, it's all a mystery to me. Tools, utensils and machines are placed behind display cases or have DO NOT TOUCH signs on them. Half of them I don't know what they are or what they do which only further illustrates the mystery of the past. Looking is fun (although touching is more fun), but still not very enlightening. The distance between who I am and how I live versus how my ancestors lived was only widened by this trip. The most jarring and enlightening was this painting by Daivd Wright. It's of Daniel Boone leading travelers through the Cumberland Gap. Mom and I stood in front of this painting with goose bumps rising on our arms...
//Cracker Jack prizes//
//Horse powered ferry//


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