Cordell Hull Dam

    Mom and I had a bit of a picnic at the Cordell Hull Dam while on vacation. We snagged up some Subway and very gracefully snacked on one of the many stone steps leading down to the water. Not exactly a poetic picnic, but dang the view was nice. We were consistently blown away by, and jealous of, the Tennessee weather. Locals warned us of the heat. I'm sorry, but south Georgia has you beat in the hotter than the surface of the sun department. Everyday was the perfect day. We kept tripping out that there were so many people outside... in the afternoon. My town looks deserted after lunch.   
    Tennessee, even with it's lushness, excellent weather and thriving horticulture communities, made me feel boxed in. Literally driving through the middle of mountains, with towering walls of rock and CAUTION FALLING ROCK signs everywhere at first had me awestruck, but began to give me a claustrophobic feeling. I kept craning my neck, reminding myself that there is still a sky over that rock. I'm used to the infinite pines and stretching farmlands.Tennessee will always have a special place in my heart though. It's where my Papa gallivanted as a young boy, where generations of my family thrived, where we rushed to Vanderbilt when I was sick as a young girl and found out that I had serious eye problems, where I got my first pair of glasses, where I could finally see. Tennessee is a beautiful place, inside and out. 


  1. Hahah I have a few friends that live in Georgia so I'm well acquainted with the heat complaints ;) And man oh man does Tennessee look gorgeous. All that greeeeeen. Best picnic spot evah.

    xo marlen
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