Outfit # 51 : The Finale

    The semester is almost over. I am counting down. At the end of next week we're packing up and going on vacation to Tennessee. Nana is going with us. She is one of seven siblings, one passed away not too long ago and another one hiked over to California and never looked back. But the ones I know in Tennessee are the bees knees with great humor and good company. We're letting Nana stay with her brother for the week, where she'll get to visit with everyone, while mom and I do some exploring. Mom is a big genealogy buff and is trying to trace back my Papa's family. She's made it to the 1800s but can't get to the American Revolution. So we'll be hitting up my Papa's hometown to look through records for two days and then to See Rock City and Chattanooga. I'm pretty stoked. Tennessee is really beautiful. And in a lot of ways it's better than the beach, there will be more to photograph and experience. Oh, and I have a birthday next week. Until then I'll be wrapping up my internship and finishing my classes. I'm already exhausted *yawn* but I will do anything to make it to that vacation.
top/necklace - thrifted // pants - bealls outlet // shoes - goody's


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