Photo Post: The Morning Field

    Our field is in exceptional form as of late. The way the collective weed refracts light through dandelions is akin to a prism, while yellow blooms are each there own little sun. Occasionally the field is punctuated by purple blooms. Blooms that close up when the heat is unbearable and the sun is too bright. The morning is the best time for it. No shadows, just light. Our neighbors went through a lot to keep this field bare, only having it cut once or twice during the summer. Builders came to fill it with houses. There was a collective "No" from our street and the field stays, it's only added adornment being a grapevine draped across the back. It's fascinating really, watching it change through seasons. The same weeds grow each season, no surprises, but still natures rhythm is worthy of notice.   


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