Outfit # 49: Juxtaposition

     What does this t-shirt say about our culture? It's a photo a Mister Rogers with the phrase "It's all good in the hood" bordering him. I laughed when I saw it. So did my mom. She bought herself one. We told my brother about it and then we bought him one. Everyone in my house except my Nana and two dogs has this t-shirt. And my Nana likes to quiz me about the man on my shirt every time I wear it.
    So, here's a question, why is it funny? Well one, it's Mister Rogers whose presence brings, through any form, joy. Then there is the phrasing, it's all good in the hood. Hood referring to Mister Roger's Neighborhood, right? That might be the understanding for some, but there might be another reason. A juxtaposition. There is a juxtaposition between the word "hood" and Mister Rogers, one might say those two, and what they represent, are actually opposites. But why? And by wearing this t-shirt am I promoting the roles already in place? Possibly.
     I wanted to play off of that question. So to add depth to the discussion, and my ensemble, I added a black bandanna and a gold necklace. I wore my hair a certain way and added a long, semi-modest skirt with cheap shoes and cool socks. I wanted to play up what we might consider two separate places or themes and makes them work together. Under certain circumstances, I do believe this shirt could actually be promoting bad societal roles, but when the wearer encourages thoughtful discussion or has different reasons for wearing besides the obvious negative one, then it can be a fine thing. Or maybe it's just a stupid t-shirt.
shirt, shoes, and socks - walmart // skirt - bealls outlet 
sunglasses - hot topic // necklace - local // bandanna - dollar general


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