Outfit # 48: Neon Dreams

        Neon-techno-housewife. That's what I think when I look at this ensemble. This dress is ambivalent to being understood. And the good thing about ambivalence is versatility. This dress relies on other pieces, or lack of, to define it. So one sleeveless button-up underneath and one long sweater on top gives this dress depth, and more importantly, a story. If you don't hear screen doors slamming and bare feet slapping pavement when you see this outfit, I've done something wrong. (Or we just have different perspectives.) 
    Honestly, that's why I think I keep doing this. I like the story clothes can tell. I want other people to feel that too, so in a way I try to recreate it. I can explore all of these different shades and versions of myself through clothing. I can live out different stories and be propelled in new directions based on a dress. It sound naive or foolish, but what I wear can honestly change how I walk or where I go. And the worst part is, I allow it. 
sunglasses and dress - beals outlet // sweater - old navy // shoes - tj maxx 
necklace - gift // sleeveless button up - walmart


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