Photo Post: Sweet, Sweet Victory

    When was the last time you blew a bubble? Kid you not, it is one of those things that can never lose whimsy. Ethereal orbs, translucent blobs, rainbow-capturing spheres... there should be an ode to bubbles. Admit it, at fairs, festivals or carnivals your eyes have found the bubbles and followed them. I'm sorry to say that I wasn't having a bubble-blowing fest for just any reason, I was actually getting visuals for an article I wrote for the school paper. It's all about summer activities that defined childhood and how those activities should have a comeback this year. I even looked up this recipe for hardcore bubbles, but I screwed it up because there's this special technique for mixing that my over-excited self totally missed. Whoops! So there are a lot of pictures of me being disappointed that my bubble mixture wasn't so successful. Got some good pictures out of it anyway, though. All is fair. 
    The title and the quote below is reference to this, by the way. And say hey to my friend Dixon!


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