Outfit # 44: Sailor

    This ensemble can be defined by one thing and one thing only, the Sailor Moon style bow. Hey, I'm even wearing blue and white, very sailor-type colors, right? This scarf was given to me for Christmas and this was my first official outing with it on. I've had difficulty matching it with stuff, but dang it's cute. It has old fashioned perfume bottles and lipsticks patterned on it. It's too much. I really want to wear it in my hair like this, but I need the right outfit, you know? Like, should I go full on vintage or mix and match themes? But really if these are my biggest issues in life, things must be going pretty well. 
top - Belk // pants - Belk // scarf & earrings - gifts // sunglasses - Bealls // shoes - TJ Maxx 


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