Outfit # 43: Rotary

    This is the outfit of an intern. A very vibrant intern. I wore this to the first meeting with my internship supervisor and he probably wondered why I dressed up as a human representation of a hallucinogenic drug. But I thought, hey, the best way for him to get to know me is to see one of my brightest ensembles. If he doesn't fire me on that first meeting then anything I wear after that will be tame by comparison. And printed pants are amazing. As well as jelly shoes. 
    Anyway, the internship has been going really well. I was asked to speak in front of the local Rotary Club to share what it is I'm even doing and why what I'm doing is important. (Which is building the local city a new website.) So even though it was short notice, I was asked to speak 2 hours prior to the meeting, it was still super fun. I told them that I never really felt a part of a community. I never had that connection that so many people have with the place they grow up, but I'm starting to develop it. I care about my small southern towns  and I want them to thrive. They have interesting stories and histories that don't need to go unnoticed. The south's history is complex, but there is a south to be proud of. My history professor told me to acknowledge and try to find a way to reconcile the past of the south and look for the south that has grown and developed from what it was. 
    People so often write-off rural communities, and I think that is a huge mistake. Culture spreads so fast now with the internet that your physical location is practically irrelevant. And when the rural become monotonous, travel. Travel is good for the soul and when returning the rural landscape will seem welcoming. I like these little communities and the people who work so hard to keep them alive. I may not look, dress or act like a Southern Belle, but really I think I am one. And I think I'm proud of it too. 
top & pants - belk // jelly shoes - modcloth // sunglasses - bealls outlet // necklace - thrifted


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