Outfit # 41: Damsel

    Someone half-jokingly referred to me as a damsel in distress. I was offended at first and began to internally cite all the ways I was certainly not a damsel in distress. And now I can't stop thinking about it. I always live with this two-fold version of myself. On the inside I'm strong, independent, confident, and maybe a bit intimidating. On the outside, not all of those seep through, if any of them. I don't like it. I realized I don't even have the wilting-flower body type that the damsel in distress always has. I have the shoulders of a linebacker for goodness-sake! 
    BUT THEN, I realized external features really have nothing to do with it. Surprise, surprise. So, for whatever reason, people always try to protect me. And I am really grateful to them. People effect me in a true way. Interaction, communication and understanding are things that keep my introverted-somewhat-extroverted soul going. So having people around who are willing to make those interactions good is indescribable. And I say "good" but what I mean is, "a positive experience". For instance, it's totally okay to make fun of each other as long as both parties end up doubled-over in laughter or covering their mouths trying to stifle outbursts. So, ultimately, wanting to be surrounded by good people is not being a damsel in distress, although it can seem like it at times. And this is where the The More You Know rainbow pops up.
collared shirt - thrifted // sweater - Goody's // skirt - Wal Mart // boots - Belk // accessories - gifts


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