How to: embellish nails

    It seems like everyone is doing really cool things with nail design nowadays. It's like now even my 90-year-old neighbor is a manicurist. So, hey, don't miss out. Have fun and learn how. Everything you need is at your local all purpose store or beauty store. Nail design can get complicated, but embellishing is easy! Here's a little how to guide for beginners.
What I used:
  • Light Base Coat
  • Red Polish
  • Fruity embellishments
  • clear top coat
   First I did a light base coat to make an even canvas for the red. But it turns out the red was thick enough on it's own. If I was using a lighter color the base coat would have allowed the color to be brighter and more vibrant. At least the base coat will keep the polish from staining my nails.

    Second I did a coat of the red. I made a mess with it too. Q-tips dipped in nail polish remover were a necessity. 
Okay, so to the meat of this thing, I recommend laying out the embellishments you want prior to painting your nails. There are a couple of methods for application. You could use tweezers to carefully place the embellishment on wet polish. Or you could hold the embellishment on the pad of your finger and press your nail on top of the embellishment. Lining up your nail with the center of the pad of your finger is a bit easier and less shaky. Now, don't panic if it's not centered or where you want it. There is a window of time where the embellishment can be slightly adjusted. Also, make sure your angle on the nail is directly on top. Some of mine ended up on the side because of how I was positioned when applying. Once the embellishment is right where you want it put a coat of clear polish over the top to seal it. 


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