Alright (x3)

    Alright, I've been slacking. I'll admit it. It's weird to say how much I think about this blog. How much of my time I spend considering what would be interesting to photograph and share. And those are things I like to do. But unless I'm not posting, I'm completely lost to the internet world. I don't exist without a tweet or update. It's strange to have that kind of relationship with something. 
    But anyway, I have actually been busy. I finished up Spring Semester with three A's and three B's. I helped with graduation, sold some cards and DVDs. I have summer classes starting next month. I'm taking environmental science. And, I have an internship. I'm working with a local town to improve their website, taking some photos, writing some content. So stuff is happenin'. Little, old southern towns always have a unique, complicated history. 
     I'll go ahead and tell you too, I definitely have not watched the complete first season of American Horror Story over the past three days. That would be ridiculous. (But, really, how can a show have abyss-sized disturbing themes and maintain a lighthearted nonchalance? ) So I have, at least, been doing stuff. I'm hoping I get some good stories from my internship and, as always, I'm knee-deep in ideas for crafts and projects. The title is a reference to this, by the way. What's up with you?


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