The Wild Chicken Festival

     I will have you know that the wild chickens that occupy my hometown are very streetwise. Frequently they look twice before crossing the street, strut proudly as they pound pavement, and get to the other side. What does the wild chicken do on the other side? Well, in my personal observation he either crosses the street to join a friendly flock or to seek contemplation, of course. While they may be termed "wild" chickens, they are quite calm and unafraid of the fleshy beings they frequently cross paths with. In fact, they have a contemplative nature. It is not so unusual to see one of our many chickens stop look about itself as if momentarily lost, regain itself, and continue onto a journey for food or interaction. And so, to celebrate our wild chickens, we host a spring festival at which, ironically, the wild chickens are never seen. I assume they gather at the empty spaces we usually crowd and have a festival of their own. Of course, I would not know if they gather or not considering I am not a chicken and therefore not welcome to their festival. [x]


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