Outfit # 39: Voice Mail

    Oh, Hi! It's me again. Just calling to say the wisteria is blooming. I wish you could smell it. It smells like honeysuckle I think. You probably would be able to think of a better description though. But even more than smelling it, I wish you could feel it! 
    No fabric in the world is as soft as flower petals. When I was observing them I had to touch! I knew you'd disapprove, but consider it an experiment of understanding and fully comprehending the universe. That's not so bad a thing is it? 
    Anyway, I curled my hand around a vine and pulled. The petals formed a snowball-shaped mass in my hand and I couldn't get enough. You know how in some movies there's that scene where the protagonist stands in the rain with their arms outstretched as if feeling the rain for the first time? Well, that's what it was like. 
    Petal rain, petal snowball in my hand. It was soft and smelly and perfect. Well. It was almost perfect. You weren't here. It would have been closer to perfect if you were here and laughing and I was laughing. Anyway, I just called to say hey.   
shirt - night vale online store // pants -belk 
 earrings - my mom's // bracelets - handmade 
shoes - tjmaxx // sunglasses - bealls outlet 


  1. Such pretty blooms. And what a great springy outfit to go with them. :)


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