Outfit # 37: Jelly

    Let's skip the chit chat and get to the meat: I love these shoes. Besides fulfilling my inner-child, they just straight up look cool. They're like walking on pink lightning bolts. When I was a kid I had some jelly shoes. They have a very specific smell and when I opened the box I was immediately attacked by that same smell. It was awesome. The rain cannot even stop these shoes from being fabulous because their basically made from the same material rain boots are. The only somewhat sad thing is that jelly shoes make blisters. They did when I was little and they still do. But, this way, I'll get the chance to expand my sock collection. Right now I just want to rock them with some classic white socks to make that color really kick. You'll definitely be seeing these babies a lot more. 
sweater- old navy//shirt-belk//pants-tjmaxx//shoes-modcloth


  1. Just a little Vaseline around wear you rub and get blisters, and you'll be fine.


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