Outfit # 36: Cliched Life

    What I like about blogging and about taking pictures frequently is that there's always an infinite amount of possibilities. I started taking pictures at different times in the day. I used to take pictures at noon, with full blown noon sun, unless the weather was off. Now I wait for the late afternoon when the sun is less beating and harsh. Shadows are cast, but there are golden streams through cracks in the trees. It's nice to notice the light. With South Georgia experiencing a weather flux, the sun has become a good friend. Frigid breezes are not so bad with the sun on my neck. No need to turn on the heat in my car when it's been warmed thoroughly with orange rays. I'm trying to notice things, small things. I'm trying to appreciate, so I don't lose understanding or perspective. The light is the thing that keeps me sane the most. It distracts me the most and grounds me the most. I focus on it instead of anything else. Either I'm a living cliche or I'm just trying to live. 
dress and collard shirt and necklace and purse - thrifted // t-shirt and tights - walmart 
shoes - TJ Maxx // sunglasses - Beals Outlet // flower crown - DIY


  1. This was so beautifully written :) And these photos came out really pretty- i find shooting in the late afternoon is so much better than at noon- those shadows really make all the difference

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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