DIY Decorative Eggs

    So maybe it's too early for egg decorating ideas. But maybe it's also fun to do something stupid, messy, and childish. I was never competitive enough for egg hunts. I was always too shy to shove and push other kids for plastic eggs. In fact, I thought it to be super embarrassing to chase after eggs. I was terrible at being a kid. But, hey, I liked egg hunts hosted by family and ripping apart Easter baskets filled with candy and summer toys, like the classic skip-a-long. So to celebrate Easter memories, and to make it a bit more grown-up (but not too much more) here are some decorative egg ideas:
  • Fake eggs 
  • Tissue paper
  • Glitter
  • Mod Podge
  • Cheap sponge brush

Idea One: Apply mod podge and cover with ripped or cut up pieces of tissue paper. Because Easter is just around the corner, stores have spring-themed tissue paper in the packing/gifting aisles. Tissue paper is perfect for decoupaging because it's super thin and pretty. Which is exactly the opposite of how we should define beauty, SOCIETY. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY WE ARE... moving on:
Idea Two: I wanted a little pizzazz for one of my eggs. I was thinking something like this. So I took square pieces of tissue paper and pinched the middle of the square to make a little bloom-looking thing. Then I put a huge glob of mod podge on my egg and held the tissue paper in place until is stuck by itself. I told my mom is it looked like my egg was wearing one of those weird hats for royal garden parties. 

Idea Three: Cover egg in mod podge. Cover egg in glitter.
Other ideas and final notes:
  • The eggs come with little egg stands, so I think it would be cool to spell something out with one letter on each egg.
  • Make it a game. Give someone a jumble of word-eggs that they have to unscramble. The game could be called... *drum roll* SCRAMBLED. (It's a pun.)
  • Eggs like these could really be covered with anything. Use newspaper and ribbon to create a less traditional egg.
  • These will last forever, so that's kind of cool.
  • Even though these are dye-able eggs, they really don't dye that well and they float in water. Just something to think about.
  • Everything I got to make these came from Wal-Mart.


  1. So cute! I still have an Easter egg from grade five. (Fake, don't worry.)

    1. Lol! I was worried for a second there...
      That's awesome!!

  2. I love these! So colorful. I'm going to make some for myself. Thanks for the inspiration.


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