Outfit # 34: Reality Bites

    Six dollar sunglasses will always have a special place in my heart. They can last for years and sometimes they look pretty cool too. These are a newest find and I didn't realize until seeing these pictures that they and this outfit have a 90's vibe. I was too young to experience the adult 90's style culture, but in my imagination this outfit would blend in perfectly at a mall in 1995. I think I also love the attitude that goes along with it too. I felt kind of invincible in these clothes. Maybe it's the boots and vintage dress. I stomped around campus pretending like I was the complicated, emotionally distraught heroine. And being the emotionally distraught heroine means that smiling is a hassle and totally lame. Kicking open bathroom doors and being nonchalant about retying boots aggressively is freeing, but not me. It's nice though, to pretend. To build up stories and attitudes around an outfit is freeing. And, regarding the title, right now reality does bite.


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