Outfit # 33: Beheaded

    It turns out that I can tell you what it feels like to be figuratively beheaded. It doesn't feel good, much like an actual beheading wouldn't feel good. It seems as though I have been without my mind for the last couple of weeks and I have somehow slapped and sewn it back on. The cause of such a state? I'm going to say it's because I haven't been reading enough. Yes, that's right kids, if you don't read your head will roll. I think if I don't have something to keep my mind entertained, I will completely make something up to think about and it will literally keep me from functioning properly (i.e. doing homework, studying, staying awake). I am having the biggest issue staying focused and keeping my priorities in check. I think my brain is giving up on reality. Occasionally it will snap back and I'll feel like I just emerged from under a rock, yelling "WHAT YEAR IS IT." Gracious. I've never struggled this much. 
   Besides all that, the whole beheading thing came in because I was told I looked like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Not gonna lie, that was an impressive reference that I didn't even think of. I was just thinking about pattern-mixing not reference-making, so that was cool. It also gave me an excuse to say, "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS." If I could get away with it, I would wear this layer at least once a week. But I think it best to try and mix it up, and people will be less likely to question my hygiene. Anyway, do you have a good reading suggestion? Something with a good intense, moving, captivating story? Please share.


  1. haha i love that WHAT YEAR IS IT meme. and i can definitely see the red queen influences- i love that pattern mixing. it's so bold but it goes together so, so well :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Thanks Marlen!
      don't even get me started on memes. i'll just start shouting random ones until i bust into bits of hysterical laughter.


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