Happy Feel Like Oprah Day

Love Muffin

    Despite my lack of presence here, I actually have been writing a lot recently! When I first walked into The Stallion (the student newspaper at my college) office last semester I was a nervous wreck. Being timid, shy, and maybe a bit insecure really doesn't mix to make a super sociable person. It took me the entirety of the first semester to warm up to my new surroundings. If you've ever bought and cared for a fish, you know that the fish has to stay in the plastic bag and submerged into the tank. This way the fish has time to adjust to the different temperature of the water.  If the fish is dumped into the tank, it risks going into shock and dying. That's basically me. 
   I'm glad I've warmed up to this new place. I was really worried that I was broken and couldn't connect with people or something, it turns out it just takes me a minute to adjust. Anyway, I wanted to share with you some my latest articles. There have been quite a few recently and I'm pretty darn proud of them:

DIY Window Clings - I got to print a craft project. I actually got the idea from this blog, but I wanted to switch it up and give my own commentary on it. It's a super easy project and I added a lot of suggestions on what to do with them or how to manipulate them to create some cool variations. Be sure to check out Amy's craft projects!

Valentine's Day Movies - I made a list of movies for Valentine's Day that are all available at Redbox. The suggestions are based on personality types, like "adrenaline junkies". This was a pretty fun one to do!

Feel Like Oprah Day - Here's an alternative to the occasionally despised Valentine's Day. I mean, doesn't everyone want to feel like Oprah?


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