Recently Read: Walls, Burroughs, & Brosh

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls: Every family has their own share of dysfunction. Some get one helping, some get two. Jeannette Walls, however, is an individual that got three and a half helpings of dysfunction. This isn't a book about getting through tough times or Fulfilling Your Potential... it's about a child, a teenager,and a young adult. All three in one. Walls has an clear voice that transitions and grows as she does in the story. This isn't an adult reflecting on her childhood. It's a child growing and narrating her own story. A story that is almost unbelievable, shocking, revolting, hilarious, and altogether human.
"Interesting people have interesting pasts."

Running with Scissors by Augusten Burroughs: Side effects of reading Burroughs memoir include, but are not limited to, peculiar thoughts, the feeling of mystery, and occasionally wide, shocked eyes. This is a story about living with lunatics, while trying not to become one. Burroughs voice is clear and strong and brutally honest. His descriptions paint pictures and his experiences keep the reader enthralled. Burroughs is funny and speaks honestly and is genuine. So while there may have been some graphic sections, the reader must remember that this is a real story written by a real person who had to live with the real circumstances, not the written retelling.
"I need high ceilings."

Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh: This a blog in book form. Any of the pages can be read, for free, online. A popular meme was even created based off Hyperbole and a Half. (CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!) But, please, buy the book. The internet has never leaked into something cooler. Brosh is flawed, a little nutty, and freaking hilarious. She portrays ALL THE COMPLICATED EMOTIONS, without getting too serious or too informal. Her popularity should come as no surprise considering her writing ability and masterful paint skills. Brosh's stories range from The God of Cake to Depression Part One. Her portrayals are easy to get lost in. She's a pretty interesting individual who deserves the internet's attention.
"Sadness can be almost pleasantly indulgent when you have a way to justify it."

**This post is alternatively titled: Truth is Stranger than Fiction


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