Photo Post: Winter's Night

    Winter's night greets us early. 
In it, the moon lights and the stars sprinkle and futility is felt. 
Futility is not always bad or fear-inducing. 
Sometimes futility is realizing that the biggest and smallest mistakes are all the same size in the stretch of infinity. No mistakes are big enough to stop infinity. 
My shoulders relax. 
Great philosophers, mechanics, and stay-at-home moms all, at one time or another, gazed at these stars. The stars and their dying light still being seen and appreciated. 
The shadows they cast, mixed with unnatural light, cross paths in our night. There is an appreciation for both, for different reasons. 
    Winter's night is crisp and, on this night, foggy. 
Tree limbs create paths of light in the fog.
Tree limbs create maps across my house, 
the sky,
 across me. 
Nothing feels ominous or unsettling, like night can, instead it feels like scenes meant to be noticed, maybe even written about.


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