Phone Photo Post: Winter Time

//Gumby ice skating on the bird bath//

  For some reason I'm hellbent on not getting an instagram. I even had a dream that I gave in and got one. I'm committed to enough social networking sites, I guess. It would probably be kind of boring too if I followed some bloggers on instagram and then read their instagram round-up posts. And I know I'd be tempted to do it too. So HERE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN IS THE SECRET WORLD OF MY PHONE. It's pretty weird, as I would hope most secret worlds would be. And also because it's mine. 
//My new knitted hat yeah warm and stuff//
//Woodman making the great climb//
//window watching//
//new Christmas lights which will be have-out-all-year lights because//
//Gizmo smirking and cuddling before The Great Shave of 2013//
//Sleepy Maggie perched on the arm chair, also before The Great Shave of 2013//
//The day after Christmas//
    Christmas was a good one this year. I got some crazy printed pants, teal headphones, and BOOKS, which I've read all of. Sad face. I almost like books more than food. Well, maybe that's not fair. Their not exactly in the same categorization. I guess they could be, but it probably wouldn't be appropriate. Eating books is not nearly as exhilarating as reading them, in my opinion. So I guess I'll rephrase the previous statement and say that I like books and eating in their separate, but not necessarily equal, categories. 
Yeah, that's good.
//hot cocoa in a Christmas tea cup//


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