Outfit # 32: Tire Swing

    Here's a nod to better understanding yourself. I've been trying to be self-analytic in a non-destructive way. So far it is proving to be pleasantly helpful and has kept me from pressing the Big Red Button that reads Eject From Life. My main goal as of now is DON'T BE FOOLISH. It's like every semester I get a new accidental mantra. Last semester it was SET YOURSELF ON FIRE. (I'm not a pyromaniac, it's from a quote: "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire." - Arnold H. Glasow) 
    I've been having a hard time focusing, allowing myself to daydream. Daydreaming has always been a serious hobby for me, but now my daydreams are leading to unrealistic expectations, so I continue to set myself up for ultimate disappointment. Focusing on the present, the current, and the now has been incredibly difficult. So difficult, in fact, that it kept me from studying for two crucial tests. I got out of it this time though because both of the tests were cancelled. Someone is watching over me, surely. 
    At least though, I'm coming to a place where I can draw a definitive line between my daydreams and reality, so I have no longer felt disappointment. I can't tell you how many times I've prayed for guidance over my thoughts and actions every time I begin to build up grandiose ideas. At least I'm able to recognize when it's happening and force it to stop. I read that people who focus on the present are happier than the people who daydream about the future. I can see how that is true (although I'll never stop daydreaming). I've been trying these past couple of days to make my present good. To do that, I work to make the present of other peoples' lives good. It's been working.
    Man. This outfit made me feel awesome. See that confidence up there? Yeah, that's not natural, that's this outfit. This is one of the best button-up shirts I own simply because it is so soft it makes baby butt's shameful. I actually got it from Goodwill to dye, but couldn't bring myself to because the tan looked so classic and cool. And again with this skirt! The thing is so easy to throw on and style. I don't know how long it's been in my closet, long enough that I don't even recall it's origins. This is a pretty chill outfit, one that I love to wear and restyle. 
It has been a good couple days.


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