DIY Giant Jewelry Holder

DIY Holder
    This a story about how my mom made me a giant jewelry holder out of scrap wood, chicken wire, foam, shower hooks and an old skirt. While some power tools were required, it was a pretty easy project. Here's how she did it....
DIY Holder
DIY Holder
DIY Holder

  • Wood from the scrap pile at home depot. Mine is almost six feet tall and almost a foot wide.
  • A bundle of chicken wire, which is also available at home depot
  • Foam sheet long enough to cover entire length of board
  • Skirt no longer worn or never worn
  • Staple Gun
  • Spray adhesive
  • Upholstery tacks
  • Hammer 
  • Wire cutters
  1. Lay board flat across saw horses or table outside and spray down with spray adhesive. 
  2. Apply foam sheet. Cut foam sheet down to fit the board if necessary.
  3. Cut skirt along the seams and if it has a lining, like mine did, separate it.
  4. Spray adhesive over the foam sheet and apply skirt. Mom used the top layer of my skirt over as much of the board as possible and then used the lining to fill the gap at the bottom. The skirt should overlap to the back so it can be pulled tight. Apply some spray adhesive on the back where it overlaps and smooth it over. Let the adhesive dry.
  5. Cut chicken wire with wire cutters enough so it wraps around the back of the board a bit.
  6. Flip board up-side-down and staple the chicken wire to the back.
  7. At the bottom we hammered in upholstery tacks for decoration
  8. All the grunt work is done now, so add the shower hooks to hang necklaces from.
  9. Hang up earrings and necklaces!

DIY Holder
    Mom made this for me a couple of years ago, but it took me a while to appreciate it. I got rid of some dinky jewelry boxes and moved everything onto the board. I love it. It's tall and big and roomy. I can actually see everything I have. I also think it works well as decoration for my room. It's a unique piece. Basically, what I'm saying is THANKS MOM!
DIY Holder


  1. Wonderful idea! I love DIY little projects like that ! I made my jewellery hanger out of an old picture frame !


  2. I love this idea, and yours turned out great! Just wish I had room somewhere to hang one, lol!


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