DIY Nail: Glitter Gradient

What I used:
  1. Red polish - OPI Heart to Heart
  2. Glitter Polish - Pure Ice Beware
  3. Silver/White iridescent - Pure Ice Platinum
  4. Cheap Sponge
    If your cat-haired covered, light-up Christmas sweater isn't completing your holiday wardrobe, perhaps a gradient glitter nail will do the trick. You'll be sparkling brighter than the Christmas tree. This nail design is super easy, so you'll be able to get back to wrapping presents in a jiffy. Here's how it's done:
  1. Paint on that red polish and let it dry completely. Chill out, read for a while, talk to your goldfish. He's been having some holiday stress.
  2. Take the cheap sponge and paint the edge with the silver polish or you could pour some paint out on an old lid/plate/ex's love note and dip the sponge into it. 
  3. Dab the sponge down your nail. Try to make the top of the nail thicker than the bottom.
  4. Use silver nail polish to paint the tip of the nail thicker. This will help it look more like a gradient.
  5. Paint over the sliver polish with glitter polish. Go a bit past the line where the silver stops.

And once they are dry, you're done! Well, unless you're me and you have to tidy up the edges a bit with a q-tip soaked in nail polish remover. 


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