An Appreciation Part Two: Downtown in the Fitz

    I didn't realize I lived in a rural area until I started going to college around here. Most people major in turf grass or farming or something related to growing plants and keeping animals healthy. Nursing and business are two other popular majors. I've been noticing what people associate with rurality. Most of it isn't good. Hicks, rednecks, uneducated, uncultured, and so on. Shoot, most of those descriptions are what people associate with a southern accent. That stinks. Boxing people up and slapping a label on them based on how they sound, where they live, or what they major in isn't cool. It's upsetting. What's worse is when people label themselves this way and feel the need to subscribe to a stereotype, but it's also hard not to. If I don't label myself with something easily understood, like cute-country-gal, then I'm subjected to judgement and criticism. Or people will try to make up a label for me to better understand me. But, hey, what about my name? My name is label enough. Your name is label enough. I don't need to be categorized.
    Most of the people I go to school with right now will feed and clothe people. And that's not easy. I think the future farmer should know that it's okay to like classic literature or sci-fi or anime. No one should have to deny themselves of something for the sake of others. (Unless that thing harms themselves or other people.) I feel like I talk about stereotyping and labels a lot. I also have tendency to set it up as Us vs Them.... Us vs Society. So let me make this explicitly clear, we are us and them. We are society. Changing minds starts with us changing our minds. Whether you're in a small tows or a big city, there are no limits on who you can be and there is no reason to limit someone else.


  1. these are suuuuch pretty photos, you have an awesome eye for details! My favorite is the first picture and then the snap of the bookshelves. There's something about a stack of books that always makes my heart flutter :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Thank you Marlen! I know the feeling about books. I see hoards of them and I have this uncontrollable urge to sort through them. I ended pulling three books out of this pile!

      After while crocodile,


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