Outfit # 25: WELCOME

    This was my Halloween outfit. Unfortunately I didn't have an opportunity or an occasion to dress up. Still, I love Halloween and incorporating it into my outfit in a subtle way was still pretty cool. I actually went with a Night Vale theme. My shirt came in Monday, but I saved it for this oh-so-very special occasion. I specifically wore my neon green/yellow button-up underneath to represent the glow cloud because inside or out that shirt glows. ALL HAIL GLOW CLOUD, amirite? Oh, and I had to rock purple lipstick. I was actually pretty sad though that no one on campus, that I saw, said anything about my shirt. Usually my tactic for bonding with strangers is by wearing a reference tee in the hopes that they will strike up conversation.
But really I'm just glad I didn't see any hooded figures. Or dog parks, you know, if they existed. 


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