Photo Post: Downtown Tifton

     The strangeness of a town can be seen in its' thrift shops and in its' downtowns. Every Main Street has a different story, even if they all look suspiciously similar. It's interesting to see the evolution between the past and now, which can be seen in advertisements painted on buildings, historical plaques, and the rows of thrift shops or antique stores that spring up down the row of Main Street. There is a history so apparent, but also mysterious to me. In a way we, my mother and I,  pass through like ghosts, leaving no marks in the history of this place. (Besides, maybe, a carbon footprint, but I think that is another subject entirely.) When exploring downtowns one must start on the outside and find a way in.
 Every booth in the shop looking to excite and attract. Those lamp shades/lights!
     The offensive Native American doll with a melancholy gaze.
 The vintage tray/advertisement/magnet for rust.
 The slight smile and deep-rooted gaze, a reminder of the past.
And, of course, the colorful.

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