Outfit # 24: Grandma's Attic

    This outfit should have been preceded by a whimsical scavenge through a Grandma's attic. In this scene there is the discovery of trunks and wardrobes in Grandma's attic and subsequent plundering. It smells like old Avon perfume and dust and ancient history. There are stories packed in each nook and cranny waiting to be flung dramatically over shoulders. Scarves and blouses float through the air lighter than snow. The result is a mess and this outfit... That's the origin story, if I wish.
    For a creative mind, where is the line between reality and imagination? Is there a line at all? I could believe this scene actually happened. I could also believe that the items I am wearing were pulled from an over-stuffed closet in my bedroom, each bought from various department stores. One is less magical than the other because one is meticulously constructed while the other was simply experienced. Because one is more magical, one is more appealing. Therefore, I want to believe it more. Not all experiences are devoid of magic, but the ones that are can become magical with a little imagination. Maybe that's bad, to not be in the "present" and accepting of it. Maybe that's dangerous, inventing a new story after every action could potentially lead to a delusional life. Maybe. 
The questions in this post were inspired by the novel Night Film written by Marisha Pessl.


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