Outfit # 21: That Ethereal Glow

    I'm taking a tip from Marlen and layering during the summer time. Yeah, that's not something I do. I hardly layer during winter! But, once again, I am kickin' it in south GA. This outfit was a bit risky, I wasn't sure if it'd all work together, but I think it came out pretty good. I was definitely feeling the neon, hence the purse. These are the neons that left the club/rave and dressed up for dinner with their folks, you know? 
    I love this little transparent neon purse. I've had it since elementary school. I was so glad to be able to bust it out once more. I can even detach all or none of the bags from the strap. My inner elementary school self finds that to be incredibly exciting. Versatility! I got a compliment on it at school and he was like, "That is the most organized purse... you got your chapstick, Oh and your money so I know which one to steal." I would have responded, but I was too busy ROFLing. 
Sweater/Shirt/Pants from Goody's::Shoes from Target::Purse is a Rosetti
    I also tried this new hairstyle thing, two french twists on one side. I like making it look like I've shaved one complete side of my hair off. I think that style is courageous. Sometimes I wish I could do it, but then I think of the process of growing it back out... it'd be like half-fro for a while. To make up for it I'll just pin up one side. Less risky. And neon pink heart earrings! 
    On a more serious note, I'm struggling with bottoming-out right now. When I first started school I was gung-ho with all the activities, but now I keep telling myself to back out. It's a constant battle. I keep wanting to be invisible. I need to make friends here. My bro asked me who I wanted to be friends with and I told him the kind of person(s) who are interested in films, the internet, culture, good and bad music, laughing etc. He said, "Where do you find someone like that?" The only thing I could think of was the theatre club. But that means I have to push myself, again, into a place that is not within my comfort zone. That's scary and hard and I don't wanna! I need friends though. I did meet two nice fellas while waiting for the elevator though, maybe that could lead to meeting more people and making friends? Do you have any pro-tips on making friends in college? Cause your homegirl is strugglin.

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