Outfit # 20: Your Words

   Yeah, so I was going to talk solely about my outfit and school and other stuff you really don't care about. Hey, I'm just being honest here. Why do we go over the same ole stuff all the time and never talk about anything real? I'm pretty confident that the majority of the human experience isn't talked about on blogs. I love the blogging community. I love especially that women are at the forefront of the community and they're allowed to express themselves there in full. I still feel though that women are putting themselves in boxes. It's like there's this big factory pumping out happy, smiling women that only like to talk about clothing and children. (That's my gender studies class talking, which has been pretty cool.) Now, let me just say, I am definitely not bashing anyone. I love fashion bloggers, they're inspiring, cool ladies. And they're allowed to talk about whatever they want! It's not that I don't want to read it, it's just I feel like I've been reading a blog for three years and still really don't know the person typing.  I saw a blogger post something about a reader saying that bloggers were happy all the time and didn't have any problems. She responded saying that she had already cried twice that day and had an argument with her husband, so her life wasn't as perfect as it seemed. Honestly, dear reader, I have no interest in making my life look perfect. I'm not an advertisement for aprons from the 1950s. My hair isn't going to perfect coiffed, my smile won't be perfect (that is, if I do smile), and I might just be kind of slobbish. 

    I will tell you though, I love reading and watching movies. I love pop culture and unpop culture. I love wearing pajamas all day with a confident mug on my face. Sometimes I go out on the town wearing my pool shoes for water aerobics. I know! It's practically blasphemous! I'm terrible at math, but I would love to tell you a story. I currently live with my Mom and Nana because my Nana has dementia. I will tell you that it's not easy, but I, by the grace of God, can laugh through it anyway. I will tell you, I am not going to be put into a box by anyone, and you shouldn't either. If I ask myself, "Why can't I be honest?" while writing a blog post, I know it's not going in the right direction. So I'm just going to be honest: my life is not, nor has it ever been, perfect and I have no intention on making it seem that way. I count everyday as a blessing even if it's hard. Sometimes I want to be as depressed as a monkey without any bananas, but then I think hey, if I was monkey I would have a freaking rad tail that would allow me to hang up-side-down and have improved balance... or something like that. The point is, life is complicated and so am I and so are you. In that one way alone we are incredibly alike.
    Besides all that good stuff, I will say that I love this necklace. It was my Mom's, but I commandeered it for reasons a couple years ago. However, this is the first time that I've worn it out and about. I think it was waiting for this dress. It was waiting for me and for this dress. 
necklace-vintage//dress-bealls outlet//shoes-TJ Maxx//purse-ever+mii crush 

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