Life Update: Relocation

Tragedy struck. RIP Polly Pocket's Leg.
Where posters were stuck to the wall.
Backseat driver

    Wellp, y'all. I have successfully relocated to an even smaller town. I will now be taking up residence with my Nana in my Papa's study. I'm actually blown away by the difference of the room since I've moved my things in it. I did keep my Papa's desk and I look forward to being all like ~official~. It's actually already changed a lot since this picture was taken. Although, it's nowhere near finished. AND Y'ALL SO MUCH SUNLIGHT. TWO WINDOWS AND GLORIOUS SUNLIGHT.  Def gonna do some freakin sweet outfit pics in here once it's finished. I mean, my last room was so dark, sure painting my walls Neptune Blue probably didn't help, but still. I would have to go outside to get good light for craft projects. That's just sad. Here I can stay inside and take pictures and they look good. 
   As for school I'm going to a college about thirty minutes away. I just finished my first week and managed to get involved with the newspaper. How did I become so outgoing? Right now I'm trying to focus on being kind to people and polite and not being defensive, which is easy to do when you feel like an outsider. Here's to trying. Oh, and I'm taking a water aerobics class for my PE. lol. I'll let you know how that goes...

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