How to: Successfully Move Jewelry

    Moving can be a pain in the bottom. Especially when you have a whole bunch of fabulous jewels to haul. Stuffing necklaces and earrings in a bag turns into a big freaking mess when it comes time to unpack. So to help here's a couple pro-tips on moving earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
Moving Earrings: 
To move my earrings I first acquired an old Styrofoam block. I recommend using floral styrofoam that's used to arrange decorative flowers. Why? Because it's softer. Then I simply stuck my earrings into it. I tried to stick most of the pin back earrings on the top and the hook earrings along the edges. Once the block was filled I slid it into a gallon zip-lock bag. That way, if they do fall out, it won't be a big manhunt to find them.
Moving Necklaces/Bracelets:
For necklaces and bracelets, my main objective is the least possible tangle-age. To prevent tangles I first strung them onto a ribbon. I wanted to be able to pull them out altogether, and while it didn't completely eradicate tangles, it definitely cut the percentage versus if I just dumped them into a bag. So after the necklaces were all on the ribbon I carefully lowered them into a gallon zip lock bag. I then cut a hole into both sides of the bag to pull the ribbon through. This way they won't be piled up on top of each other and it will keep them a bit more separated. Just repeat this process with bracelets.
I feel like this is two steps away from being a chic tote.
Now moving jewelry won't be a pull-your-hair-out process, but instead, super easy!

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