A Chaotic Fourth

Look at my Nana, being all fairy-godmother-like.
    Major props to my brother for hauling in and setting off the fireworks, oh, and for cooking dinner. lol. Man, he makes the rest of us look sad. We pitched in every now and again, but pretty much all of the credit goes to him. I don't know what all to say about the fourth. I spent this fourth thinking more about my family than the U.S. of A. It's cool to have a family. Mine has sustained some damage over the years, but we manage to stick together. I know I'm blessed to be so close with my family. 
    And that makes me think of you, dear reader. Family isn't all biologic. It's connection, it's love, it's acceptance, it's feeling free to be uninhibited. I guess that's what I want for the good ole U.S. of A.; that feeling of family. We bind together through hardship, but also manage to separate ourselves using any distinguishable, and sometimes indistinguishable, characteristic. Why does it matter? Aren't we all being in human form? Okay, that sounded a little pretentious, but sometimes it's necessary to reword something to express the importance of a point. We're human. We're capable of kindness. We're capable of love. We're capable of acceptance. We're capable. 

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