The City

    The city has a romantic quality to me. Probably because I've never actually lived there. But I like this feeling and I'll hold onto it as long as it lasts. I don't want to live in the city because I don't like living in small towns. I like how every town has its' own special quirks and intricacies and histories. What the city represents for me, as it does for most people, is opportunity. I tell myself it will be easier to do some things there, but ultimately it is my responsibility to do the things I want to do. Can't I do those things from here? Some, yes. To an extent, yes. I have to use up all the potential in the place I'm at now, so I understand what opportunity is and to understand my own determination. For instance, if I really want something, what is stopping me from doing it right now? Myself? That's such a cheesy, predictable predicament I can't even keep from being mad at myself. The opportunity is here and now. It's not in an emblem that I created. The city is a place. This is place. How many walls will I build around myself to prevent myself from realizing opportunity and using it?


  1. amen sister! my boyfriend and i just moved to seattle from chicago because he felt like it'd give us new opportunities and perspective...but it's the same city with different buildings. in the end, it's all up to you to create that change ;)


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